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Exceptional 5 days in a year

  • The MTB formula, proven for over 20 years - every stage is designed with consideration of verified and selected routes, delicious singletracks, gravel and technical sections.
  • Sudety - extremely interesting and picturesque land of Europe: the Śnieżnik Massif, the Mountains: Bialskie and Złote
  • Date of the event: in the middle of the holidays, between the 22 and 26 of July 2024
  • Five days of real MTB, two distances to choose from ("Adventure" approx. 40-50 km per day and "Classic" approx. 60-70 km per day)
  • While maintaining the appropriate level of routes - limited to the minimum logistics of the event, only one Race Village and two neighboring towns located only 6 km from each other: Stronie Slaskie and Ladek Zdroj
  • Do You love mountain bikes, long uphills and wild descents? You choose a dynamic ride in singles, trials in technical sections. This is the perfect event for You!

​Do You love mountain biking?

Do you enjoy long uphills and crazy descents? Do you choose dynamic singles, trials in technical sections, and at the same time, instead of a lift, you feel like you're being carried up the hill by your own legs? Yes? That's perfect then! Come! For the last 16 years, the Sudety MTB Challenge have been there for you. Our mission is to give you the feeling of an unusual and extraordinary experience. Completing the five stages of the event must be paid for by your effort. This is MTB! We guarantee that every kilometer you ride will be solid and memorable. Each stage with a well-defined character and easy to distinguish from the others. For years, we have been arranging the route in such a way that maximum terrain diversity and abundance of experiences flowing from the mountains and wild nature do not allow for any boredom and fatigue of each competitor, regardless of the place at the stake and personal motivations! The race itself, by its form and level of organization, being one of the oldest stage race events in the world, is meant to dictate the trends in the development of such events. And not only in the our own, domestic backyard. Will we be able to achieve a perfection in 2024? Rate it yourselves!

The oldest stage race in Central Europe

For more than a decade and a half, the Challenge race has gained a reputation as one of the most unique races in the world. It is largely due to the routes on which we create the passage of particular stages. Compared to other significant European races, we have a relatively large amount of freedom in arranging the routes on which the racers compete (of course, everything is done with 100% respect for the environment!). The feedback from the participants after the stages of the Sudety MTB Challenge are clear - this race is unique and unrepeatable, and its organization is what attracts new racers and makes every year more and more people eager for real MTB experience above-average emotions. "This is the best stage race in Europe and one of the 5 most interesting races in the world! I loved these technical tracks! Here you have to have strength both on the uphill and downhill runs. Poland definitely did not disappointed me!" said Canadian cyclist Sonya Looney at the finish line of the Challenge.

What do we provide?

  • Exceptional routes designed by bikers with more than 20 years of experience
  • Limited to the minimum logistics of the event, one Race Village and two (start/finish) neighboring towns
  • Professional and user-friendly route marking
  • A regeneration meal at the finish line of each stage
  • Rich buffets on the route
  • Medical and rescue service
  • Bikewasher at the finish line
  • Neutral, professional bike service
  • Proffesional timing and live results
  • T-shirt "Finisher" for the finishers of all the stages
  • ... and more
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