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Where & When

Date: Friday, July 27th, 2018
Start Time:

Classic Distance - 10:00 a.m.

Mega Distance - 10:00 a.m.


Classic Distance - 57,4 km

Mega Distance - 41,3 km


Classic Distance - 2453 m

Mega Distance - 1643 m

Track GPS:

Classic Distance Route Analyser

Mega Distance Route Analyser

Highest point:

Classic Distance - 910 m asl

Mega Distance - 870 m asl

Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆☆
Stage Description:  The Grande Finale. Dropper post friendly stage! The trails of the Głuszyca MTB Marathon - a legendary race well known to Polish riders. Wide transfer roads limited to an absolute minimum! A stage packed with one-wheel single tracks. You're gonna love it! MTB racing in all it's greatness!
 1. 17 km – a great single track on the blue trail ending with a twisty section between the trees.
 2. 28 km – 4 km of single track on Rybnicki Grzbiet. Impossible not to love. Back to MTB roots!
 3. 43 km – 10 km section that will answer the question: what was mountain bike made for. 2 ascents and 2 descents which you will remember for a long time! Yellow trali from the ruins of Radosno castle and a blue trail from Suchawa and Włostowa mountains. Seriously, it's totally worth to travel a world for this one!
Feed Stations: Classic: 1. 14 km   2. 32 km   3. 48 km   Mega: 1. 14 km    2. 32 km 

START line - Classic, Mega distance (Gluszyca), Google Maps

FINISH line (Głuszyca - Łomnica "Rybka") - Google Maps

BASE CAMP & BIKE PARK (Gluszyca) Google Maps


START line - STAGE 5, distance CLASSIC, MEGA

FINISH line - STAGE 5, distance CLASSIC, MEGA