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22 – 27.07.2018

Quick Info

1. The Office, Kosciuszki Street 20a, 57-550 Stronie Slaskie, Polska) - Google Maps

» It opens on Saturday (July 21, 2018) at 18:00 and closes at 21:00

» It opens on Sunday (July 22, 2018) at 8:00 and closes at 11:00.

Riders are obliged to come to the office before the start in order to:

» Register and take the start sets according to the paid standard

» Sign the start list and the clause of participation

» Register the accompany person or people

» Confirm the usage of additional options (extra services).

Emergency number (available during the race: +48 577 987 532)


2. Race, routes, info

PROLOGUE - 22.07.2018 Stronie Śląskie (Sienna). Distance Classic - 19,6 km (692m asc), distance Mega - 19,6 km (692m asc)

STAGE 1 - 23.07.2018 Stronie Śląskie - Stronie Śląskie. Distance Classic - 70,6 km (2317m asc), distance Mega - 47,6 km (1493m asc)

STAGE 2 - 24.07.2018 Stronie Śląskie - Bardo. Distance Classic - 61,1 km (2017m asc), distance Mega  - 47,2 km (1469m asc)

STAGE 3 - 25.07.2018 Bardo - Głuszyca. Distance Classic - 55,2 km (1981m asc), distance Mega - 47,5 km (1604m asc)

STAGE 4 - 26.07.2018 Głuszyca - Głuszyca. Distance Classic - 63,4 km (2314m asc), distance Mega - 43,6 km (1517m asc)

STAGE 5 - 27.07.2018 Głuszyca - Głuszyca. Distance Classic - 62,7 km (2503m asc), distance Mega - 42,4 km (1579m asc) 

Race book
All vital information can also be found in the Race Book 2018:
- on line (will be ready about two weeks before the start)
- .PDF file (will be ready about two weeks before the start)

3. Divisions


MAN - two male riders in a team

WOMAN - two female riders in a team

MIX - male and female in a team

MASTERS - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 80 years.

MASTERS 100 - team of two riders whose cumulative ages exceed 100 years.

SOLO MAN (individual):

M1 - men born in 1988-1999

M2 - men born in 1987-1978

M3 - men born in 1977-1968

M4 - men born in 1967 and older

SOLO WOMAN (indyvidual)

W1 - women born in 1988 - 1978

W2 - women born in 1977 and older

SOLO* Woman
* This category has been created for those riders whose team partner cannot continue the race due to health or technical problems which could make it impossible to compete in the team race classification.

4. Typical day of the Sudety MTB Challenge

6:00 good morning

6:00 - 8:00 breakfast (additional option for riders with accommodation standard at school)

7:00 - 8:30 luggage taking

9:30 sector are open

10:00 start distance Classic nad Mega (14:00 prologue start at July 22)

12:00 - 12:15 the first riders arrival to the finish point (distance Mega, stage 1-5)

13:00 - 13:30 the first riders arrival to the finish point (distance Classic, stage 1-5)

16:00 - 18:00 late dinner (additional option), at July 22, 2018 - dinner from 18.30 untill 20.30

18:00 the award ceremony, presentation of the next stage

22:00 good night

5. Start sectors
At the start of stages 1 - 5 the riders will be placed in sectors according to places they get in Open and Solo classification:

» 1 sector: places from 1 - 30 and the leaders of each classification

» 2 sector: places from 31 - 60

» 3 sector: places over 61

6. The race
» The start of the prologue will be held on Sunday July 22, 2018 at 14:00. The start list will be published one week before the prologue start.

» The start of each stage will be held at 10:00 a.m.

» The starting line will be open for 5 minutes after the starting signal. Riders who will cross the starting line after this period will not be included in the stage results and will not qualify as the race finishers.

» You must be extremely careful while crossing the public roads

» You must be extremely careful while riding along the steep and dangerous downhills

» The start number must be attached to the handlebar in front of the bike (you must not destroy, cut or change the shape of it).

7. Results

The results will be availabe in:

- printed version on the information board in the Race Village

- on-line version at:

8. Feeding stations

There usually will be three feeding stations on each stage of the Sudety MTB Challenge.

9. Bike service

» Bike Service (regular and extra) will be located around Race Village and at the route of each stage.

» Bike Service will have a majority of the spare parts, but every participant should carry all the unusual and fast-wearing parts

» Only clean bike will be accepted for the post-stage repairs.


10. Luggage
» The organizer shall provide the transportation of the riders' luggage (additional option).

» The luggage will be taken to the truck before 2 and 3 stage untill 8:30 am

» The luggage will be given back on the basis of the ID band at the finish point from 14:00 till 18:00.

» The organizer is responsible for the transport of the luggage between the stages of the race.

» The organizer is not responsible for the valuables of the riders and accompanying parties.

» The organizer will transport bike boxes and cases from start line town (it should be left in the Race Office untill Sunday, July 22nd, 2:00 pm) to finish line town (it will be available at the Base Camp & Bike Park in Gluszyca School untill Friday, July 27, 08:00 pm)

11. Base Camp with: massages, bike parks, bike services

After prologue and 4 stages available at school (Base Camp):

- Stronie Slaskie (after prologue and 1st stage) - Google Map

- Bardo - (after 2nd stage) - Google Map

- Głuszyca - (after 3rd and 4th stage) - Google Map

12. Withdrawing from the race

» The teams or the riders who withdraw from the race while the Sudety MTB Challenge is being held are obliged to inform the organizer immediately before or just after the end of each stage no matter what the reason of the withdrawal is.

» In case this withdrawal happens while the race is being held (when the stage started) they are to dial +48 501 26 33 00 in order not to start the rescue action

» In case the team or the rider does not inform the organizer about the withdrawal and the rescue action is in progress all the costs of the above mentioned rescue action will be covered by the missing rider or team.


13. Awards

Stage winners must be present at the award ceremony that will take place after every stage (approx. at 6.00 p.m.); failing to appear during the ceremony shall be penalized with time penalties: first absence - warning, each subsequent absence - 3 min.

14. Recommended equipment of a competitor

» at least two litres of drinks for each stage,
» energy bars or energy gels (according to the rule "better have too much, than be sorry")
» basic toolkit for bike repairs,
» spare inner tube,
» a pump
» bike computer or GPS
» functioning and charged mobile phone
» sunglasses

15. Traffic

» The Sudety MTB Challenge will be held while there will the regular traffic on public roads
» In Poland and in the Czech Republic we follow the right side driving. All the riders should move along the right side of the field or public road and should follow the traffic rules.
» All the riders must be careful while going past some field roads, forest roads or single buildings as there can be some vehicles on them.
» The Organizer is not responsible for any collision or accident on the route.